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STEAK & VEGGIES BUNDLE | Carving House + Veggie Dust


Snag a bottle of our top-selling carnivore seasoning blend, "Carving House" and a bottle of our Veggie flavoring from the heavens, "Veggie Dust". This one-two punch will elevate your meal prep to the next level. 

Carving House - Carnivore Seasoning Blend
Meticulously chosen to blend both coarser and finer grind spices to consistently cover the full flavor spectrum. Created specifically for carnivores. Full Spectrum Original Flavor. SAVORY AF

Veggie Dust - Veggie Flavoring from the Heavens
This Santa Fe inspired herby blend is lead by a rich Mexican oregano flavor and pairs well with almost anything. 

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Joe E

    Delicious Is it tactical ories,,, or tacti calories???

    Fresh & Fire!

    This seasoning was SUPER fresh, tasty and will go a long way! Highly recommend.

    Kent Nelson
    Steak Seasoning

    Man, this steak seasoning is on point. I use it both when I grill and when I cook inside in my cast iron pan!!! I can not recommend this product enough!! And on top of that in thing kit you get some A+ veggie seasoning for you have to eat vegetables hehe

    Eric Miller
    Great combination!

    Carving house- 4/5 stars: great steak seasoning. Could use a bit more salt. That's the only thing that kept me from giving it 5 stars. (But that's a personal preference)
    Veggie dust- 6/5 stars: anything that makes vegetables something I'm willing to eat deserves extra credit
    Overall I'm pleased with the purchase and will buy again.

    Elizabeth F
    Life changing!

    I’ve been trying to eat healthier and outside the same stuff I always cook and after seeing many bloggers share their tacticalories I finally made the jump. This stuff is amazing and such a game changer! I love the Carving House on fried, scrambled and hard boiled eggs! I’m sure it will be delicious on meat but I have cooked much since I got it. The Veggie Dust is delicious. I’ve only tried it on raw veggies but again it was so good. Thank you for partnering with bloggers to share this secret.