DROP TINE | Wild Game Prep Kit - Chili, Jerky, Sausage, and Steaks

Full kit includes:

  • Drop Tine Rochester Style Chili Mix
  • Drop Tine Maple Jerky / Sausage Mix
  • Drop Tine Spicy Jerky / Sausage Mix
  • OPEN SEASONING | Wild Game Seasoning
  • Drop Tine Jerky Cure Pack
  • Drop Tine Vinyl Sticker
  • Tacticalories Seasoning Co. Sticker

We've all had a strip of jerky or a link of sausage that changed your life... whoa. Although the convenience of jerky is amazing, store-bought jerky is usually junk. Take control and make your own... it's easy. You don't need to be a hunter, you don't need a casing filler. You can make some amazingly tasty, healthy, fresh homemade jerky or sausage and we can feel good about it.

In addition to the sausage and jerky seasoning, we've included a bottle of our coveted Open Seasoning Blend. This seasoning is blended for meat-eaters. Hunters and anglers will find it the perfect go-to for everything from butterflied backstrap steaks to flour-based mix for your fish. It plays well with vegetables, too.

The unique flavors in this kit have been developed by our flavor team to bring REAL, natural flavoring for game meats to the market.

You can use ground pork, turkey, chicken, beef, or game meats like venison, elk, or other meats, or a combination of these.

Also included is a pack of our top-rated cure specially for preservation purposes.

The perfect gift for the outdoorsman that has it ALL! 

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    Tried the maple for actual jerky today instead of just spinkling it on meat as I cook it and it's great! For those of you who do not like spicy (like the rest of my family) the maple is probably spicy enough on its own without adding any extra spice!