OG COMBO KIT | Carving House + Assault & Pepper

Simple and straight to the point. You get a bag of each of the ORIGINAL Tacticalories Seasoning Company blends en route to your door. The blends that have bullying the spice racks of patriots worldwide for over 2 years! Victory favors the prepared, so stock up and season on!

Assault & Pepper, 5.0oz - Seven-Pepper Seasoning Blend
Spicy, but not TOO hot. Full Body Flavor. *Family Friendly

Carving House, 5.0oz - Carnivore Seasoning Blend
Meticulously chosen to blend both coarser and finer grind spices to consistently cover the full flavor spectrum. Created specifically for carnivores. Full Spectrum Original Flavor. *Family Friendly




NET WT. 5.0 OZ (142G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.78g) | Servings per Container - 182
Sodium - 82mg
Carbs / Sugar - 0g per serving

Our own craft recipe blended with Kosher salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, mustard powder, white pepper, red bell pepper, green bell peppers, paprika, dark chili powder, jalapeno, crushed red pepper, citric acid & coriander.




NET WT. 5.0 OZ (142G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.85g) | Servings per Container - 167
Sodium - 85mg per serving
Carbs / Sugar - 0g per serving

Our own craft recipe blended with salt, garlic, onion, black pepper, sugar, paprika, nori, cayenne & cloves.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
So great!

This combo is great and we have been using them both on everything! Will definitely be buying again when we run low!


We've highly recommended these seasonings at work. I put it on everything I cook and it comes out fantastic! I was second guessing at first thinking how can a seasoning be so good. Well I took a chance and went for it. I'm glad I did!!!

Amazing products

Everything I have used these seasonings on has been amazing. So far I haven’t found a bad combo. Can’t believe it took this long for me to try it.

Great Combo Pack!

These two seasonings are a staple for just about everything. Assault and Pepper love it on eggs! Carving House is awesome on burgers and steaks! This combo will not disappoint.

OG Combo! Carving House + Assault & Pepper

I have gotten amazing results with both components of this combo. My first time using them was on steaks, and I think the Assault & Pepper adds a nice depth of flavor with a kick from the 7 pepper blend.
I feel that in my experience so far with both of these that the carving house works better with chicken or pork. Slow braised pork, and air fried chicken both came out well.
Both blends are equally impressive on burgers.

I haven’t began mixing them, so far I’ve used them separately on different dishes.

I also ordered the best bbq sauce I’ve worked with so far! I ran through a bottle very quickly, I put it on everything!

Everything I’ve picked up from Tactical so far has been amazing. I look forward to trying more products from this company in the future!