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BAD HOMBRE BUNDLE | Taco Night Will Never Be The Same

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    James Yutkins
    Excellent flavor! Highly recommend!

    Tested this kit out over the past 2 weeks. Made some pulled pork fajitas using the fajita blend. Such a great balance of flavors. You can taste the individual ingredients versus many seasonings where you get a big blast of salt and then a little flavor. You can smell the difference as soon as you open any of the seasonings. I love hot sauces, and while super hot ones serve their purpose, they generally sit in my fridge for a year because you only use a drop. The red, hot sauce had a nice kick and a ton of flavor. The green one has a super fresh and slightly tangy flavor. I’ve already finished half the bottle. The green one on pizza is incredible. I haven’t made tacos with the taco seasonings but I’ve been sprinkling on my eggs and they’re great. Currently marinating a tri tip in the fajita blend per the recipe on the bottle. Can’t wait to smoke that tommorow! Still haven’t had a bad product from this company. It doesn’t seem like there is any shortage of passion from anyone there. It really comes through in each bottle. Keep up the great work!

    Jesse M
    Bad Hombre Bundle

    I was chosen by tactical calories in an Instagram contest to try out the new bad hombre bundle. I love the brand and logos which originally drew me to trying them out in the first place. I had tried the mild taco seasoning before but none of the other items that came in the bundle, I do however since using them this past weekend recommend highly. I love buying and trying out new spices and sauces but also like to make my own, especially when it comes to using ones that don't have added junk and fillers in them. If you like Mexican, tex Mex, authentic or anything in between, I recommend highly.the sauces and seasonings have the perfect heat levels for all spice levels and the seasonings are extremely flavorful. Out of the red and green sauce I love both and usually have no preference but in this kit I thought the green was bangin. Help me help you and try this kit out asap.


    It was absolutely amazing. Never made fajitas before and it's was delicious. As far as the taco seasonings go I've been using them for awhile and absolutely love them. It was everything it was made out to be and more

    Matthew Moore

    Any day a Tacticalories delivery shows up is a great day, but this one was amazing! With anticipation of the order being delivered I had steak, chicken, shrimp, and veggies prepared to be delicately kissed by the flavors of the bad hombre bundle. After preparing a pan of fajita nachos that was nearly too large to fit in the smoker I dove in! The flavor was absolutely outstanding!!! All these favorite not only complimented each meat, but enhanced the flavors of the meal itself. These are hands down the best seasonings for tacos and fajitas I have ever had!

    Such a great mix

    Love the mix of flavors in this bundle, I use the Hombre taco seasoning on soooooooo much stuff other than just tacos (eggs are a favorite), the fajita mix is perfect too! Love it!