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BURN BARREL | Whiskey Barrel Aged Chili Pepper Hot Sauce

Hot sauce for the hot sauce people.

Aged in retired whiskey barrels, our classic aged cayenne, and habanero chili pepper hot sauce takes on a whole new profile. Deep, rich heat and natural smokey, oaky flavor makes this batch fit for a king.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 22 reviews
    Grant Chandler
    Perfect Hotness

    I bought this for my son in law and he loves it. I introduced him to tactical now this is where he goes for all his sauces


    Do yourself a favor and grab a bottle. This stuff is amazing. It’s nothing like a Frank’s Red hot sauce or anything like that. I use it more in situations where I might use bbq. A little goes a long way which is great! Little tip.. mix it with chick-fil-a sauce for dipping!

    Hoosierhunter00 on IG

    I remember the first time I tasted this greatness! I was nervous and excited...it was nervous and excited! We tried not to make eye contact, but it was inevitable! Since that day, I have been in love and will continue dump this greatness on many foods to come! Love me some Burn Barrel 🔥🔥

    David Hawkins

    This sauce is perfect for any occasion! Being a fan of Tacticalories for a few years I have enjoyed everything they have put out! The flavors of this sauce make it so unique and delicious youll never get enough!!!!!!!
    Hawkins :-)

    Ramon G.
    So good...

    With so many hot sauces out there competing to scorch the roof of your mouth into oblivion, it's always good to find a brand that focuses on FLAVOR and not just heat for the sake of heat alone. Heat comes from the right ingredients and this one is right up there with the best of them. It's HOT though, even for a seasoned veteran, yet it's not irritating. Just. Right.