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    THE best soy I've ever tasted!

    This is delicious! My bf will eat it by itself, just a quick spoonful! There's great flavors in this and you definitely get the heat, but it's just the right amount for out spice loving house. DON'T EVER STOP SELLING THIS!

    Norman Anderson
    The perfect combo of heat and garlic soy sauce!

    Myself and my customers absolutley love Yama! It is a big hit for my beef jerky business....
    This specific flavor goes by the name of Creeper, beacuse it creeps up on you, one of my top sellers! The flavor is amazing and will leave you craving for more when you run out!

    David John
    Way hotter than before

    I got a bottle of this sauce maybe 1 year ago and it was my favorite thing ever. I wanted to use it on everything. I went to reorder back then and it was out of stock, and then I forgot about it. I bought 2 bottles recently and when I tried them again it’s probably 2 times hotter than it was before, I haven’t tried the second bottle yet so we’ll see. I know it’s a small batch company that’s what I love about tacticalories, and the branding / labels are awesome, and that may be that I just got a concentrated bottle this time. We’ll see! Otherwise , I love everything else I got

    Jesse Hinkle
    My favorite soy sauce!

    Is the base for the best jerky I've ever made. Flavors my insane garlic chili oil. For pot stickers I like to use it with candy apple whiskey or sweet peach bbq sauce and my garlic chili oil for dipping. Tacticalories rules!!!

    William Boyd
    Awesome flavor and heat

    My go to soy sauce now. I'm on a reduced sodium diet and this sauce has all the traditional soy flavor enhanced by smoky flavor and the massive kick from the ghost pepper, all while keeping the sodium content low enough that I can use often.