Build your own 5 pack!

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This kit is fitted with 5 products of your choice.

  • NEW - Violent Hippie Hot Sauce, 5.0 fl oz (Roasted Coconut Ghost Pepper Sauce)
  • NEW - Hellfire Forged Sea Salt, 5.0oz  (Evil Sea Salt Blend from the Underworld)
  • Adirondack Smoke BBQ, 5.0oz (Hickory BBQ blend)
  • Assault & Pepper, 5.0oz (Spicy, but not too hot 7 pepper blend)
  • Bad Hombre Taco, Mild 3.5oz (Family friendly smokey taco seasoning)
  • Bad Hombre Taco, Fire 3.7oz (Hot, naturally smokey taco seasoning)
  • Battle Grounds, 4.0oz (Fresh ground espresso in our most robust blend)
  • Carving House, 5.0oz (Our top-selling blend, a must for carnivores!)
  • Dirty South, 5.0oz (Cajun influenced blend)
  • Fire Forged Sea Salt, 5.0oz (Premium habanero sea salt blend)
  • Firing Lime Chipotle, 4.0oz (Spicy chipotle lime blend)
  • Lemon Prepper, 4.0oz (Salt-free natural lemon pepper blend)
  • Veggie Dust, 3.5oz (Veggie flavoring from the heavens)

You asked, we answered! Finally - build your own 5 pack of products from our full arsenal! 

 Selections do not have to be unique. For example, feel free to order all Carving House or 3 Assault & Pepper with 2 Firing Lime Chipotles. Enjoy!

(Picture does not reflect your selections).

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Takes the guesswork out of seasoning!

Tacticalories seasonings are the bomb! Favorites are the carving house and battle grounds for meat, bad hombre and veggies dust for everything else! Delicious and get to support a local company,love it! Thanks casey!!

Perfect when you can't decide

I haven't had any products from Tacticalories that i didnt love. This lead to an issue. So many choices. I needed a new bag of hand cannon but wanted to try carving house as well. But then I remembered I had to cook a brisket for Christmas so I needed some battle grounds. The kids love having firing lime tacos so we grabbed that as well. To finish out my 5 I decided to get violent hippie because it had just came out. Made for a great gift at Christmas.

The products are great. I believe it was Frank's Red Hot that started the phrase "put that s*** on everything". Well tacticalories perfected it because I hardly eat anything without some on there.


Bought the 5 pack as a gift for my son. He was amazed by the taste and variety of foods they can be used on. Outstanding products, sold by an outstanding bunch!

Blown Away

Words cannot describe how perfect these seasonings are. They can make anything taste amazing. A great company, great product and all for a great price! Tacticalcalories killed it! If you're on the fence about buying, just hop on over, you won't regret it!

Amazing Product

As always Casey does a great job with his seasonings/rubs. I love every seasoning he has. Build your own 5 pack is definitely worth doing for the price. Thanks again Tacticalories!