Tasty Trio Kit - 3 Full Size Bags

Guaranteed Small-Batch, Fresh Grind 

Simple and straight to the point. You get a bag of each of these Tacticalories Brand seasonings en route to your door. Victory favors the prepared, so stock up and season on!

  • Assault & Pepper, 5.0oz (Spicy, but not hot 7 pepper blend)
  • Carving House, 5.0oz (Our top-selling blend, a must for carnivores!)
  • Lemon Prepper, 4.0oz (Salt-free natural lemon pepper blend)

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Great seasoning!

    I love the tasty trio kit I ordered. The assault & pepper is my favorite. I put it on everything! I will definitely be ordering more.

    Taste Bud Explosion

    This! These seasonings are amazing! I had been on the fence for a few months debating on spending the money on "seasonings". I'm usually that cheap lady in the store with ALL. the. coupons. Well I finally took the plunge, and I'm never going back! Like WOW! I've used the lemon pepper on chicken three words for you "taste bud explosion" it's like they didn't know what to do with all that flavor! I have used the assault pepper on like everything! And I loooove to put the carving house blend on my eggs! I meal prep eggs in the oven and they are just to die for now! I am slowly adding every seasoning they sell to my collection! Or should I say stash because I'm not sharing! Haha but really my husband and daughter loooove their stuff! I've even sent some to my dad who usually makes his own and his words "I'm thoroughly impressed"!

    The best on the market

    Every social media post and food blog had the same old thing. Same pitches. Same claims. Same spokespeople.

    Until I found Tacticalories. This pack is the REAL. Super flavorful and makes meal prep an experience. So much variety at not only a great value, but a great consumer experience. Assault & Pepper is perfect on everything. Lemon Prepper turns up tuna and chicken. And Carving House blends unleashes the carnivore when applied to meats.

    So flavorful!

    With my husband being the strict keto carnivore eater in our house, I make a lot of meat! These are a great way to cook for all of us and we all have satisfaction with the flavor! Well done!

    Wow! Full of flavor!

    I got the 3 pack as a Father’s Day gift for my husband and we are loving the seasonings. Great flavor! My favorite so far is the Assult & Pepper