DROP TINE | Maple Seasoning [Perfect for Jerky & Sausage]

 Fresh Maple Flavor

Originally designed for homemade sausage and jerky, this blend is perfect for adding a dash of maple flavor to almost any dish. Add to ground beef, bacon, sweet potatoes, squash, or anywhere you want a natural maple flavor. There’s something sacred about maple flavored sausage in the morning. The challenge with it is, that they're typically made of complete garbage. Take control and make your own... it's easy. You don't need to be a hunter, you don't need a casing filler. You can make some amazingly tasty, healthy, fresh homemade jerky or sausage and we can feel good about it.

This unique flavor was developed by our flavor team to bring the TRUE syrupy flavor of maple to market to allow you to crank-up your breakfast game. Make links, patties/burgers or meatballs and serve for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

You can use ground pork, turkey, chicken, venison, elk, or other meats, or a combination of these. Each package will yield approximately 10lbs of meat.

If using for Jerky, we recommend using our cure for preservation: Drop Tine Jerky Cure


This is more than a jerky or sausage specific blend: 

  • Drop Tine Jerky Recipes
  • Drop Tine Sausage Recipes
  • Ground Beef / Venison
  • Homemade Maple Bacon
  • Sweet potatoes / Squash

NET WT. 4.0OZ (113 G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp
Sodium - 231mg
Sugar - 29mg

Our own craft recipe blended with salt, dextrose, sage, black pepper, maple flavor, ginger, paprika oleoresin, rice flour, and paprika.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Finger licking good

Amazing flavor ! Anything I season with this does not last long in my house. Will definitely be ordering more


Drop tine maple is the perfect seasoning for jerky and venison sausage


We love the perfect blend of seasonings..such a great flavor !


I make my own super lean all beef breakfast sausage and have started mixing in the drop time maple and it's amazing.

Love this seasoning!

My husband is a big maple guy so I bought this and we love it! Mix it sausage, rub it on pork, I even put it in Spaghetti sauce the other night and it turned out great! Definitely recommend!