Lemon Prepper

Small-Batch, Special Edition Run

Behold, Lemon Prepper - The lemon pepper variant you've always wanted. Far too often, we settle for store-bought, stale, artificial taste. We wanted to take a different route. Real, natural citrus oils and granules to bring a REAL flavor to your plate. Premium, fresh-ground peppers that will remind you what pepper is supposed to taste like. Not to mention the texture this blend provides that allows for that subtle crack of flavor with ever bite.

We wanted to do lemon pepper differently.

Typically, store bought lemon pepper blends have a few flaws that we've learned to deal with.

  • They're largely artificially flavored, fake lemon/citrus. So, for Lemon Prepper we wanted to use real, natural lemon granules and lemon oil. Keep in mind, natural flavoring is often times a little less potent than the artificial route.
  • They contain a TON of salt to make up for the lack of natural flavoring. We went salt free. Not only does that allow those on a salt conscious diet to use it, but it allows for the ultra-premium pepper to shine.
  • About the pepper... You've never tasted black pepper with this level of flavor. Enjoy!
  • Now. lastly I have a quick hack for you if you want to bring the lemon flavor to untouchable levels. Because we use REAL lemon granules and lemon oil. when you add a few shots of fresh lemon or lime juice to your recipes, the stuff just EXPLODES with flavor.

I can't wait for you to try our take on lemon pepper. You'll taste the difference of a REAL lemon and pepper blend with your first dish.

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