Built in the Backwoods

Bushcraft Seasoning Blend is the first of its kind to be PURPOSE built for wood-fire grilling. Aren't cooking over the fire? FINE! Bring the woods to you with this unique blend.

In speaking with legit back-woods, survival professionals we found they faced a few problems…


The first was a lack of potency in the seasoning and spice blends they had been using. If you’re at all familiar with cooking over wood, you know that whatever wood/source you’re cooking overplays a big part in the overall flavor of the food. We had to create a blend that would complement whatever material you’re cooking over from found deadfall timber to meticulously crafted artisan wood pellets in your pellet grill. We did this by leading with a good quality sea salt. The flavor will “stick” to the food and using our exceptionally high-quality FRESH, ground in-house herbs, we’ve balanced out the blend to bring a unique experience to your plate.


The next challenge was in getting the seasonings to physically adhere or stick to the food. Especially important in the field where every ounce matters, you don’t want to waste a grain of salt. So, we’ve used a proprietary blending process that allows for the herbs and spices to coat evenly and stay-put.


With these two factors in place, it allows for the user to use much less quantity than traditional blends. Remember, this blend is to compliment the smokey, over-the-fire taste we all love - not reroute it like some other lesser quality blends.

Now, a point I want to make... although we built and tested this blend with the intention of over-the-fire cooking, you can cook over any heat source. Gas grill, pan-fry, whatever you're able to use... Fire is best, be some days it's just off the table. 



That's a tough one. Unlike most seasoning companies, we believe in CUSTOM mixing these blends. This is not a simple copy-cat blend to fill shelf space... We have been comparing the taste to a high-quality poultry or beef roast rub, but with the inclusion of the wide-array of fresh herbs, it’s like none-other we’ve built out.


In addition to the function and taste, the blending method allows for an amazing appearance on your food. For Bushcraft, we’re using some of the largest grinds of herbs we’ve ever sold along side fine-grind spices for consistent coating and crust. One look at your food and you’ll be able to SEE that this is going to taste like nothing you’ve prepped before.


As with all of our blends, your imagination is your only limit. We have personally tested this blend on everything from eggs and bacon to elk and moose. We’ve found that it best compliments the following foods:

  • Beef - From Steaks and Burgers to Roasts and Loins
  • Poultry - Amazing on Whole Birds, Thighs, and Breasts
  • Pork - Use sparingly for a unique taste on ribs and chops.
  • Wild Game - We’ve tested the blend on conventional game like venison and elk, as well as fairly uncommon meats like woodchuck, and we’ve found that the blend complements the flavors extremely well.
  • In addition to meats, we've found this blend works amazingly on eggs, veggies, and any other side-dish as a finisher... think finishing salt created by Yukon Cornelius... 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 46 reviews
      Not what I was expecting

      Honestly, quite dissapointed with this flavor. I tried it a few times on chicken a couple different ways on the grill and unfortunately my wife and I couldn’t do it.

      Greg Crawford
      Hands Down.....Best in the Business

      It's hard to simply review one Tacticalories product, because, quite honestly, there hasn't been one yet that hasn't exceeded all expectations. This is no exception to that rule. I used it on ribeyes instead of my usual Carving House go to. Different mix, same result. Absolute perfection. There is a reason I emptied my entire cabinet of old spices / rubs and now stock 100% Tacticalories. They simply do it all to perfection......even down to the kick ass branding. If this thing would let me there'd be 10 stars up there, but guess 5 will do for now.

      Christopher Selent

      Great flavor, tasted amazing! Will be ordering more. I used it on chicked legs. A++++

      I keep coming back

      I've used Bushcraft seasoning on a large number my smokes I've done over the past few years. I love it. Finally ponied up for the 1lb bag this time, I'm sure it'll get used in no time once the weather warms up and smoking season starts again around here

      Mike Corpe
      Fire 🔥🔥🔥

      Use this every time I grill Ribeyes now!