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    This makes the best French toast

    Stephanie MacLean
    Holy Shit

    I was gifted this for Christmas and immediately made an apple pie with it. I have never tasted, or made, an apple pie this good. It's amazing. The heat doesn't hit immediately, and it's a low burn that just made the pie ✨️chefs kiss✨️. I need a lifetime supply of this stuff immediately because I'm never going to be able to enjoy a normal apple pie ever again. AMAZING stuff. Can't wait to make more with it. I think smoked ribs are next on the list. I recommend it to anyone that will listen, and everyone that has tried the pies I make with it can't get enough. It's what every other apple pie is missing. Don't let your pies be boring. Get this seasoning and make people think you made a deal with the devil. (Just don't buy it all before I get more. Leave some for me.)


    Made bourbon bacon apple crisp with this, nothing but the smell left

    🤯 Amazing

    Wasn't sure what to expect. Just thought it was another cinnamon blend with a different ratio of spices to sugar. I was totally wrong!

    When it arrived I figured I'd try a little on my finger first. Doing this allows me to assess the seasoning and figure out how to use it. Let me tell you... I was HOOKED! The sweet and spicy mix is on point. I tried it in coffee, on bagels, and even in vanilla pudding (check my FB post on Tacticalories Flavor Cult). So versatile and yummy. 😋 So glad I bought it!

    Zac Clemans
    Apple Pie 🔥🔥🔥!!!

    I was excited to try this stuff, but when it arrived and I opened it up and smelled it I knew I was in for a treat!!! The complexity of just one smell had me licking my chops! First try was 2 Apple Caramel Pies for Thanksgiving, and they were Tasty AF!!!! A whole new experience on an American Icon! I cannot wait to try this stuff on more things!!! Next up with be ribs!! Thanks Tacticalories! You guys are badass!