Build your own 5 pack!


This kit is fitted with 5 products of your choice.

  • NEW - BELT FED - Corn on the Cob Seasoning
  • NEW - Candy Apple Whiskey BBQ Sauce
  • Adirondack Smoke BBQ, 5.0oz (Hickory BBQ blend)
  • Assault & Pepper, 5.0oz (Spicy, but not too hot 7 pepper blend)
  • Bad Hombre Taco, Mild 3.5oz (Family friendly smokey taco seasoning)
  • Bad Hombre Taco, Fire 3.7oz (Hot, naturally smokey taco seasoning)
  • Battle Grounds, 4.0oz (Fresh ground espresso in our most robust blend)
  • Carving House, 5.0oz (Our top-selling blend, a must for carnivores!)
  • Dirty South, 5.0oz (Cajun influenced blend)
  • Fire Forged Sea Salt, 5.0oz (Premium habanero sea salt blend)
  • Firing Lime Chipotle, 4.0oz (Spicy chipotle lime blend)
  • Hellfire Forged Sea Salt, 5.0oz  (Evil Sea Salt Blend from the Underworld)
  • Lemon Prepper, 4.0oz (Salt-free natural lemon pepper blend)
  • Veggie Dust, 3.5oz (Veggie flavoring from the heavens)
  • Violent Hippie Hot Sauce, 5.0 fl oz (Roasted Coconut Ghost Pepper Sauce)

You asked, we answered! Finally - build your own 5 pack of products from our full arsenal! 

 Selections do not have to be unique. For example, feel free to order all Carving House or 3 Assault & Pepper with 2 Firing Lime Chipotles. Enjoy!

(Picture does not reflect your selections).

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 40 reviews
    Best gift

    Gave this as a Christmas gift and they absolutely loved it. A great gift for anyone.


    Kick your ass hot. Violent hippie is kiss you on the mouth and kick you in the nuts hot. Just the way I like it

    Best spice around

    These are the best spices around, and the combination of different spices is unique and complimentary to each other. Give them a try and you will be impressed also

    As good as it looks

    I’ve been meal prepping for a diet the past month and need something new and they blew it out the water and there not lying when they say the heat level it’s hot but so good definitely will be buying more

    Powerful taste

    All tacticalories seasoning I have tried have an awesome spot on powerful taste . Its amazing how little seasoning you need to use to get a very flavorful taste in food . I would definitely recommend these products and looking forward to ordering more