December Update

Attn: Grill Slayers....

I wanted to be upfront and forward with all of the issues we're facing, as it's the only way we know how to do it. We face the problems head on and come up with resolutions to keep moving forward.

Currently, our shipping carriers have warned us of potential delays due to record demand on their home and business delivery services due to COVID-19. This could be additional delays in the receipt of your shipments from small businesses like ours.

I must encourage you to order as early as possible and have a backup plan for online orders placed from now through Christmas. This could be something as simple as a print out of the gift that you will be receiving. 

The good news is that our "total loss" shipments are extremely low currently - as in under .01% of our shipments do not make it to the customer. With that said, it has been an occasional occurrence to have orders that typically take 1-2 days transit to take 4-5 days.

Our team is currently working 7 days a week sourcing goods, containers, fresh grinding and mixing, filling and shipping your products from Tacticalories Seasoning Co.!

Trust me -- We want 2020 to be the best tasting Holiday season ever!

If you have questions or need to yell at someone... you can reach me at

November Update:

Currently, among other COVID-19 related issues, the seasoning and sauce industry at large is fighting a nationwide container shortage. Many container companies have moved to hand sanitizer bottle and medical container production, leaving the spice trade high-and-dry. For this, we're doing the best we can to match up bottles, lids, and raw ingredients. Over the next few months you may find that the image on the website is shown with a pouch but you receive a bottle or vice-versa. Rest assured, the full amount of product you paid for will be sent to you. In many cases, we're overfilling the product to send you bonus amounts not listed on the label. We will not cut corners and use low-level commodity grade containers - we use only BPA-free, medical grade, bottles or resealable pouches. Due to the inconsistent nature of this situation, we're unable to update our dozens of SKUs to match each batch fill daily. Unlike other companies, we do not have tens-of-thousands of stale units in stock, we're brewing and grinding daily - so this shortage is affecting us in a unique way. We're doing what we can to navigate these turbulent times and keep your food tasting absolutely amazing. We will not cut corners, we will not fold. You have my word. If you have questions, email me directly at

- Casey Bard, Owner @ Tacticalories Seasoning Co.

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