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This is what you get. You made us summon the beast... You kept asking us to make a hot sauce... so hot that it would scare the earth. We lost the souls of two warehouse workers while testing this new recipe. This curse is on your hands. ATHAME is so hot that you will wish you were never born, but the flavors at the bottom of the bottle will siren you back for more.
ATHAME is forged of the most wicked ingredients on earth. The weak must be sheltered from its wrath. The Scorpion and The Reaper meet for flavor and heat, unmatched by mortal men.

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    Josh S.

    Perfect blend of taste and heat, your hair follicles will sweat but you will crave that taste again and again and start buying food to match the taste. One of the best around!!

    Jerry Cook
    Holy crap

    This stuff is amazing I brought to work and the guys were like that’s the best stuff ever perfect heat. Great for putting on kids mouth for taking bad 😂 works way better then soap. But seriously can’t go wrong with this on some chicken drums amazing sauce

    Mario Nasta
    Very hot, very delicious

    This one packs serious heat, but that in no way hides the flavor. Very pleased, and always make sure there’s a few extra bottles in my pantry.

    Zach Marcotte
    It’s a good honest heat

    This is a great addition to whatever you want. I’ve used it in noodle soups, and on fish dishes so far. It’s liquid in consistency and will make you sweat but won’t kill you, honestly made my glasses fog up. Good flavor that gives you what you want and isn’t offensive. I’d say this is the ideal different independent and interesting hot sauce … hot and flavorful, makes you sweat, but no regrets. I’ll buy it again and will give it as a gift.

    Joel Anderson
    Excellent Sauce

    Don't think about it, just buy it.