Battle Grounds Blend combines the dark aroma of fresh-ground, locally roasted espresso coffee with a rich blend of dark pepper, salt, garlic, and a hint of cayenne. 

One word... BRISKET. This blend is also exceptional for dark meats like venison, elk, beef, bear, pork,and ribs. Add a few pinches to your roasted veggies or your morning eggs to wake the whole house up with that unmistakable smell of premium coffee paired with fresh ground herbs and spices. 

Ingredient List

Ingredients: Salt, garlic, coffee, onion, black pepper, sugar, paprika, nori, cayenne, and cloves

* battlegrounds

    Customer Reviews

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    Can't miss.

    Eggs, potatoes and ANY red meat benefits hugely from this blend. Fantastic balance of smokey, umami, and hints of sweet all work well with the body the ground espresso provides. May be a little much for fish and other delicate flavors, but if your fires hot and knife is sharp, you'll find plenty of applications for it.

    James G
    Fantastic blend

    Just discovered your seasonings and placed my first order. I always like to try new blends and seasonings even though most of the time they fall short and I end up going back to my own blends. However upon opening and smelling the Battlegrounds seasoning I knew it was of a better quality. Amazing grind and smell. Seasoned up some NY strips and the taste was fantastic. Will definitely use again and would recommend, even for those who don't like coffee. Great product.

    Tad Harris
    Great addition to my collection

    After getting the turkey brine kit, I looked into purchasing more of the amazing seasonings. This is one of the products that I was very curious about. I have tried it on burgers and some nice NY steaks the past couple of weekends. It was a hit with everyone to say the least. The aroma of the espresso and the savory taste was awesome. I highly recommend it

    Deb C
    Adding spice to life the Tacticalories way!

    Recently discovered Tacticalories spices and love every one. Tried the coffee rub on steak and was blown away by the flavor without being salty. No overwhelming coffee flavor and added a nice seared glaze. You can’t go wrong no matter which rub or sauce of Tacticalories’ you use. Going to have to dedicate a cabinet. 😊

    Johnny Graham

    I've been wanting to try a coffee rub on steak for some time now. Blew my mind how good this was. I tend to like my steak a bit more salty so this was a little low on the salt but thats barely an issue. Must have product.