This is our highest quality blend we've produced. Built to bring out natural notes of fine Beef & Bison.

"BIG MEDICINE BLEND is a true statement on "quality". As consumer we expect more from our provisions, and companies like Stay Classy Meats and Tacticalories Seasoning Company are taking the high-road. We are building this brick-by-brick, and we will stand the test of time. I'm very proud of this one... and I can't wait to hear the feedback."


Casey Bard
CEO @ Tacticalories Seasoning Co.

    Customer Reviews

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    My favorite rub of them all !

    Great flavor

    My go to for steaks. Very important piece in my catering company. I order a new bag every couple of months. Thanks!

    Dan Dinan
    You Guys Crushed It Again!

    I recently tried your Big Medicine Blend on some beef ribs that I made. Wow!!! This bed boy is a flavor monster! I have a very large collection of rubs that I use on different things when cooking being a SCA and KCBS judge, none of that stuff comes even close to the level of flavor in this rub. Your products are so fresh and full of flavor that I am about ready to toss all the rest of those flavorless hucksters. Spices, just like produce, start to lose flavor once they are ground and most products sit in warehouses and then are sent to more warehouses where they sit and lose flavor before even reaching store shelves. Your products are fresh and still loaded with all of the original flavors, making for an amazing taste experience.

    Keep up the amazing work! Wow, just Wow!!

    Casey Wendt

    I not only use this on meat, but I also use it to season fried potatoes with the carving house.

    Jarred Savory
    Big medicine… For your soul!

    Big medicine? Big flavor. Used this on bacon wrapped sirloin and it did not disappoint in any way. I was going to take a picture of the end result - but alas someone at my steak. It was me. I ate it.