Flavor Cult Bundles [SAVE $$$]

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    Fred Nichols
    Great stuff

    Love the seasoning. Great flavor on the veggies. Corn, broccoli and okra were to die for, well not really die.

    Vanessa Wallace
    Why shop anywhere else?

    As the old song goes,,, Nothing compares to you! Best seasonings ever. I make huge batches for Mexican night and there is never a drop of leftovers. Perfect blends of seasonings, the hot is hot and the mild is just perfect. These make excellent gifts as well, and the items are packaged just right for mailing. My spice cupboard is pretty much all tacticalories , as are my kids’. This is a fantastic company.

    Metal Mama BBQ
    Not like the rest

    This Flavor Cult pack came with a great variety, and everything is top notch! Unique flavors, and the badass names and labels just add to the fun!

    David Woods
    Top Notch!

    What can I say? Great Price, Great Variety, And Great Flavor! Not a single "meh" spice in this bundle. All be fighting for the top spot on my list, BUT if I had to choose only and only one it would be Hand Cannon. Excellent blend of sweet and just enough heat to let you know but not burn your tongue out of your head. My second though hehe is Assault and Pepper, perfect balance of flavors in my opinion. This company is AWESOME!