HELLFIRE FORGED SEA SALT | Evil Ghost Pepper powered Sea Salt Blend

 Evil Ghost Pepper powered Sea Salt Blend from the Underworld

When you ask someone if they "like hot stuff", 99% of the time they will answer, "as long as it comes with flavor." We're in the same boat. Hot for the sake of hot is not our cup of tea. Intense heat with an assist from a blend of delicious flavors... that's a different story. This is where HELLFIRE shines.
Make no mistake... this blend packs some FIRE. It's our first foray into upper-level heat, and it came out perfectly. Keep in mind, this is not as hot as we can go, it's as hot as we want to go.
Be careful, less is more. We don't recommend this as a family-friendly blend, as the combination of ghost and habanero peppers can be much too intense for most people.

Most of our blends taste great on just about anything you put them on but here are a few of the top customer-preferred options for HELLFIRE:

  • Chicken Wings
  • Grilled Chicken Thighs
  • Veggies
  • Quesadillas / Tacos
  • Fish / Shrimp
  • Anywhere you need some true SALTY HEAT!

NET WT. 5 OZ (142G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.95g) | Servings per Container - 149
Sodium - 295mg
Sugar - 0mg

Our own craft recipe blended with sea salt, dark chili powder, ground habanero, ghost pepper, and capsicum oleoresin.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Good and Hot

Been mixing this into ground meat for meal prep for a while now. Loving it, adds just enough heat.


Alot of heat. Very flavorful though, not just hot for no reason. Very good.

Hawt magic

I saw a friend posted something about buying this for eggs. I copied him, and bought it for a bloody mary. It. Was. AMAZING. Highly recommend..

The Bomb

Tasty and the heat to match. I can put this on everything and it would bring out the great taste of whatever I eat.

Holy Shit!

This stuff is spicy. Not, nuke your taste buds spicy, but goddamn hot with a shitload of delicious flavor to back up the heat. I got this stuff and ate it with every meal for about the first week. Awesome stuff. Great combo of flavor and heat. Love, love, love it!