Hoppy Lime Infused Fresh to Death Finishing Salt

10 easy LIT Hoppy Lime meal ideas...


Yeehaw – You got your hands on some LIT Hoppy Lime Salt and you're wondering what to do with it? We got’chu…

Homemade Tortillas

How to Use the LIT Hoppy Lime Salt: Make those tortillas from scratch like the culinary artist you are, and as they come off the griddle, give 'em a hit of that hoppy lime salt. Welcome to Flavor Town. Need a recipe? Click here: Homemade Tortillas

Pair With: Whip up some citrus-infused margaritas or grab a bottle of your favorite craft beer. We're not just eating, we're making memories here. LIT. Laugh. Love.


How to Use: Sear your steak up – we’re not here to teach you how to grill a steak. As you pull it off the heat, sprinkle with this lime and hop-infused dynamite. 

Pair With: Ditch that plain coffee. Go for a citrus IPA to keep that hop and lime theme going. Wake up like you mean it.

Fish Tacos

How to Use: Grilled fish is the star here, but that hoppy lime salt is the encore everyone's been waiting for. Sprinkle it on, and your fish tacos will be the talk of the town.

Pair With: Get your hands on a cold, crisp Mexican lager or a Mojito. Bring the beach to your kitchen.

Margarita Pizza

How to Use: Forget about ordinary pizza; we're talking Margarita Pizza seasoned with hoppy lime salt.

Pair With: Opt for an Aperol Spritz or a hoppy Pale Ale. Keep the flavors bold and the spirits high.

Chili Lime Corn

How to Use: Grill up some corn and while it's still hot, sprinkle some LIT salt over it. Who knew corn could be this exciting? We did.

Pair With: This calls for a smoky Mezcal or a tequila with a lime wedge. You're not just eating; you're feasting.

Spicy Guacamole

How to Use: Make your guac as you like it, then right before you serve it, mix in some of that hoppy lime magic.

Pair With: A cold craft IPA or even a hoppy, citrus-infused cocktail would be stellar.

Shrimp Ceviche

How to Use: Mix up your shrimp, citrus juices, and other ingredients. Just before you dig in, sprinkle that hoppy lime masterpiece over the top.

Pair With: This is a straight-up white wine situation, maybe a Sauvignon Blanc. It'll jive with the citrus and the hops like a perfect melody.

Chicken Wings

How to Use: You've got your wings—fried, grilled, baked, doesn't matter. Make ‘em naked… As they come out piping hot, that's when you give them the LIT hoppy lime treatment. 

Pair With: A good, hearty stout will balance out that hoppy lime kick, making each bite and each sip a head-banging experience.

Grilled Asparagus

How to Use: Grill those green spears till they're just right, then let the LIT hoppy lime salt rain down on them like a grand finale.

Pair With: I'm thinking a gin and tonic, loaded with a fresh squeeze of lime. Keep the flavors bright and the vibes high.

Chocolate Chip Cookies

How to Use: Yeah, you heard me. Once those cookies are baked and still warm, give them a small pinch of hoppy lime salt. Sweet meets edgy, and it's a game-changer.

Pair With: How about an espresso martini? Something to keep the energy up and complement that dash of salt. Yum.

Customer Reviews

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Flavor blast your food. Incredible citrus hop flavored salt. Brightens the flavor of everything I've added it too. I brew my own beer and make a number of my own flavored salts and I'm kinda jealous I didn't come up with this combo. Great job!