SWEET HEAT | Discounted BBQ Combo Kit


A tag-team as dominant as the WWE's "Legion of Doom" in the 90's, we have Hand Cannon Honey Habanero paired with our game-changing Candy Apple Whiskey BBQ.

The PERFECT mix of sweet heat. Try this combo on your next rack of ribs, pork shoulder, Boston Butt, or even smoked chicken. Unreal crust, amazing flavor, and unmatched quality fit for the time and effort you put into your meal prep.

Kit includes:

1 x Hand Cannon Honey Habanero Seasoning (4.5 OZ)
1 x Candy Apple Whiskey BBQ (13 FL OZ)

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    My new favorite combo

    Just this weekend we grilled 80 chicken wings. Put the seasoning on and grilled to perfect temperature. Then we took the BBQ sauce and brushed it on. Let them roll low and slow for about 20 minutes to give them a nice coating. Not one wing left! Not a single one!!!

    My favorite BBQ seasonings

    The flavors hit just right and the BBQ sauce makes everything I put it on delicious!

    good stuff

    Used the hand cannon on some chicken I smoked. I enjoyed the flavor and didn't find the heat to be over powering. The BBQ sauce was above average too. While it was a bit too sweet for my taste, the craft quality came through nicely. I appreciated the depth of flavor brought on by using quality ingredients.

    Good bbq sauce

    I decided to try the hand cannon seasoning on some spare ribs. It had to much heat for me and my wife. I really liked the candy apple bbq sauce though.

    Chad - Thanks for the feedback! Yes, Hand Cannon is powered by Habanero pepper and the Sweet HEAT pack is made for those that like to push the limits of both! Shoot me an email with your order number - I'll send you a replacement product of your choice for the Hand Cannon! Just give it to a Heat lover... We strive for 100% Happy Campers in this game. - Casey (Casey @ Tacticalories . com)