Assault Athlete Training - Day 10

Assault Athlete Training - Day 10


Day 10 "Odd Object"

  1. Assault Athlete warm-up (Click to view)
  2. Mobilize - Foam roll, light stretching, etc.
  3. Sand Bag Complex. x10 for time
    - 1 Ground to Shoulder
    - 5 Squat w/ Shouldered Bag
    - Carry 50ft
  4. "3-3-3" - 3 Rounds
    - 30 Second Assault Bike Sprint
    - 3 Burpees
    - 3 Min Best Calorie
    * Rest 5 Minutes. Complete 3 rounds.
  5. Atlas Stone Complex - 6 Rounds
    - Stone Deadlift x5 (Just deadlift, do not shoulder)
    - Offset Push Up x10/side (1 hand on stone, 1 on ground)

Assault Athlete Daily Programming

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