Violent Hippie Hot Sauce


Violent Hippie by Tacticalories Seasoning Company provides a gnarly wall of flavor with a sweet start from fresh roasted coconut followed up with radical heat from Naga Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Habanero chiles. The aggressive 15 out of 10 heat rating will leave you tripping out while your tongue sizzles!
Be careful, less is more. We don't recommend this as a family-friendly sauce, as the combination of ghost and habanero peppers can be much too intense for most people. Remember, it's not as hot as we can go... it's as hot as we want to go.

Entree Suggestions

Most of our blends taste great on just about anything you put them on but here are a few of the top customer-preferred options for VIOLENT HIPPIE:

  • Chicken Wings
  • Grilled Chicken Thighs
  • Veggies
  • Quesadillas / Tacos
  • Fish / Shrimp
  • Anywhere you need some true HEAT!


NET WT. 5 FL OZ (148 mL)
Serving Size - 1 tsp (5ml) | Servings per Container - 28
Calories - 8
Total Fat - 0g
Sodium - 35mg
Total Carbs - 2g
Sugar - 2g

Ingredients: Habanero Pepper & Naga Jolokia (Ghost Chile Pepper), Sugar, Toasted Coconut, Paprika, Garlic, Onion, Black Pepper, Vinegar, and Salt. Refrigerate after opening. 


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
The Savior of Flavor is now The Sauce Boss!

Hands down, the best hot sauce I’ve ever had!

The perfect mix of heat and sweet with that subtle hint coconut.

You’ve ruined me for all other hot sauces.

Thank the Dark Lord

Violent Hippie is next level. I have tried easily 100 hot sauces in my life. This is my new favorite: this is hot sauce perfected for chili heads. It is extreme heat yet somehow does not overpower the amazing flavor. When you taste it, it’s a subtle sweet but distinct coconut flavor and then ghost pepper heat. I can only assume Casey made a deal with the devil to create this hot sauce.

Sweet heat you can’t beat

Violent Hippie is the perfect mix of calm meets the storm! I love the subtle sweetness and the beginning and the punch of heat that hits you midway to the end! I’ve tried it on chicken wings, eggs (boiled and scrambled), grits,(which I always put hot sauce on), and even in my gumbo! Violent Hippie is definitely a holy grail item for my kitchen along with the rest of the tacticalories squad!

Ever tasted the tears of an Angel?

Where do I start? I’d like to think I’m an aficionado for hot foods, so I have a pretty strong opinion. I’ve had a decent amount of hot sauces and hot seasonings. When I received this bottle I did not wait to try it. Popped the lid off and poured a happy helping on my tongue. Instantaneously my mouth lit up but at the same time there was a sweetness to it. It has the perfect balance.

I’m not sure what the man in charge of Tacticalories was doing when he thought of this sauce but he did it right. I think he’s a sort of God among men in the seasoning world.

Throw it on your eggs, your toast, heck, even in your coffee. Slap some on your meat and you’ll be happy. My favorite is to air fry up some chicken drumsticks, throw some BBQ sauce on them and a decent amount of Violent Hippie. Shake and enjoy the mouth orgasm. Am I allowed to say that? Anyway, would recommend 10/10. Will for sure be buying again.

Let’s change that Franks Red Hot commercial to “Violent Hippie, I put that shit on everything!”

Ay Caramba!

Hats off to the mad scientist in chief and HMFIC at TCHQ! This thing is amazing and violently flavorful! Heat should be a biproduct of flavor and man, does this thing deliver on both! The full flavor from the peppers comes through perfectly balanced with the sweetness of the coconut and then Bang! The heat from 10,000 angry little demons hits your tongue like a sucker punch. Definitely not for amateurs or the faint of heart. Overall 11/10 for heat, 19/10 for flavor also, my sinuses haven’t been this clear in years! Handle with care and enjoy! So far, the best bang-bang shrimp I’ve ever had, chicken salad, tacos and even on pizza! Love it! Oh, keep out of reach of children and nosey coworkers... second thought, let them have it!