About Tacticalories


You can walk into every grocery store in America and see tens, if not hundreds of seasoning bottles. If you're like me (up until about 18 months ago), you'd be curious as to why you should choose one company over another. Our choices were plenty but the variation was, forgive the pun, quite stale. To be honest, I'm not even sure what the hell a "Montreal" tastes like, so why would I want it on my steak?

Flavoring your food is certainly not a recent phenomenon. In fact, I'm sure it started as soon as the first caveman tried to choke down the same old pterodactyl egg for the 13th day in a row. It's science. Adding some ground herbs, spices, and seasonings to even the most mundane meal can brighten your outlook on life. A day later, that caveman was selling his special blend to his cave-bros at the local watering hole.

Like you, I take my food pretty seriously. It's all about training hard, performing when it means life or death, and recovering to fight another day.

Small-batch, Craft Seasonings and Sauces
Wake up and feed with purpose. Tacticalories blends are a new, tactical approach to taste. I push them out in small, fresh batches ready to be shipped right to your door.

Due to the nature of our "small-batch" manufacturing, often times customers will receive a fresh product that was ground less than 5 days prior. 

Food is life. Like you, my team and I craft our meals for a specific purpose. That will never change. The Tacticalories brand is no different. This is our lifestyle and our promise is to bring the best to your table.

My commitment to you is the best tasting, crisp and fresh seasoning and sauces you could ever imagine. Sign up today to simply get notified when new blends are ready to check out.

- Casey Bard
CEO // Tacticalories Seasoning Company