This kit is fitted with 6 products of your choice.

You asked, we answered! Finally - build your own 6 pack of products from our full arsenal! 

 Selections do not have to be unique. For example, feel free to order all Carving House or 3 Assault & Pepper with 3 Firing Lime Chipotles. Enjoy!

    Customer Reviews

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    Justin Luchi
    Best flavors

    The bighorn mixed with a little primal spg. Is the best seasoning I have ever used on wild game. The flavor profiles is out of this world with neat coming off my smoker. You can't get better smoked pork loin with primal spg. And the candy apple wisky bbq sauce says my wife. Love the hand cannon seasoning with my eggs and sausage in the morning.

    Nate Sellers
    Best in Flavor

    Ever since my friend introduced me to Tacticalories, I have had a constant supply of spices and sauces in my arsenal. From Ronin Teriyaki sauce to Herb Dust, me, my family, and my extended family absolutely love all their stuff!!

    Greg Crawford
    I Need More Cabinet Space.....

    There is not much to say here other than I simply do not cook without Tacticalories in some way, shape or form. So the bundle is always the go to for me. Allows me to stock up on all my daily essentials, while also trying out new releases or even items I wouldn't normally think to buy. Great value. Better product. I'm a lifer.

    Ron Conover
    Quality products

    This company has some really great products and is my go to spice company. I have a bit of a spice/sauce kink and I love grilling at all times of the year. Keeping it short, there hasn't been a spice, sauce, marinade etc from here that me and my extended family hasn't enjoyed.

    Stephen Sablan
    Flavor town

    I got into the BBQ world as my covid hobby during lockdown and it quickly became a passion of mine. Trying new flavor combinations is my favorite part of the entire process, and when I came upon Tacticalories and their abundance of different rubs I could help but shell out money to try new things. Every rub is unique and they all taste great. I look forward to trying new products and anything new they drop in the future. Solid customer service 10/10 would recommend.