BEYOND THE CHILI BOWL: How The Backyard Pros Chili This Winter

BEYOND THE CHILI BOWL: How The Backyard Pros Chili This Winter

Winter's chill calls for one thing: a steaming hot bowl of chili. But you can bet your ass we aren’t going to stop there because at Tacticalories there’s two things we love… pushing boundaries and chili. Don’t tread on meat. Ok enough talk, it’s cold outside, so let’s get to it. Here’s some pro moves for your next chili night… next level chili use:

1️⃣ Chili-Topped Baked Potatoes - Bake a batch of fluffy potatoes and use them as edible bowls for your chili. A sprinkle of LEATHERHEAD gives that mild warmth that seeps into the potatoes, creating a textbook comfort food.

2️⃣ Chili Mac and Cheese - Imagine if your favorite mac and cheese and your spiciest chili had a bastard love-child. It’s a match made in heaven. Use BENCHWARMER for that extra heat, and you've got a dish that's sure to heat things up in the holler. 

3️⃣ Chili-Stuffed Peppers - Bell peppers become the perfect little home for chili. Carve out the tops, remove the seeds, fill it with chili, top with some cheese and bake. The peppers add a sweet crunch that complements the rich, spicy filling. Plus - more peppers = more better. 

4️⃣ Classic Chili Dog - Nothing says classic Americana like a good ol’ chili dog. Smother your hot dogs with a generous ladle of chili, topped with onions and a sprinkle of cheese. Whether you go mild with LEATHERHEAD or bold with BENCHWARMER, it’s a home run. PLUS - winter chili dogs hit diffffferent. 🌭 

⏯️ Storing and Freezing Chili - Made too much? Well, is there really such thing as “too much chili”? Chili stores like a damn dream. Pop it in the fridge, and it’ll be good for several days, the flavors fusing over time make it even better the second night (insert that’s what she said joke here). Or, if you’re a real pro you can just freeze it, and you’ll have a ready-made meal for those nights when drinking your dinner is the only other option. 

So, this winter, think beyond the bowl. Keep Your Chili Hot. You’re welcome.