HOT OR NOT - Finding Your Perfect Chili Heat 🔥

HOT OR NOT  - Finding Your Perfect Chili Heat 🔥

Welcome to the gridiron of flavor, where the heat-level you choose can make or break your gameday chili. We believe in finding your perfect match. Whether you're a fiery thrill-seeker or a fan of the subtle warmth, we've got you covered with our two small-batch CHILI standouts…BENCHWARMER & LEATHERHEAD!

BENCHWARMER: Turn Up the Heat
If your palate craves the kick, BENCHWARMER is your go-to. This full-of-flavor, spicy chili blend is designed for those who love their chili with a punch. And, for those who dare, throw in some sliced jalapeños or serranos to stoke the flames.

LEATHEHEAD: Classic Perfection
For the mild to medium heat enthusiasts, LEATHERHEAD offers that classic chili flavor without the burn. It's a perfect base that satisfies the whole table. Want a touch of warmth? Introduce diced poblano or Anaheim peppers for a gentle heat that won't suckerpunch the taste buds or have you reaching for cold milk.

Customizing Your Heat
Building your perfect bowl of chili is all about layers. For a mid-level burn, mix BENCHWARMER with LEATHERHEAD, finding that sweet spot of flavor and heat. Don't forget, the longer your chili simmers, the more the flavors and spices meld, often intensifying the heat.

Add for Flavor, Add for Fire
Fresh peppers add heat and infuse your chili with flavor. Bell peppers add sweetness, habaneros contribute more fire, and ghost peppers bring a smoky depth for those savages seeking extreme heat. 

And when you're ready to cross the threshold into the territory of true spice enthusiasts, a dash of TacticaloriesHOWLER Habanero Mash Hot Sauce will elevate your chili to legendary status.

Keep in mind, if you go overboard… you can always toss a tablespoon of sour cream into your bowl and bring the heat level back down to tolerance.

Pro Tips for Chili Perfection

Start Slow: You can always add more heat, but it’s a challenge to take it away.
Simmer: Low and slow cooking integrates the flavor and heat more thoroughly.
Fresh Matters: Incorporate fresh peppers gradually for both flavor and spice.
Hot Sauce: A swirl of HOWLER Habanero Mash Hot Sauce can be your secret weapon for that final touch.

Whether you’re team Leatherhead or you prefer the flame Benchwarmer, your chili is bound for greatness. So, what’ll it be? Hot or not? Remember that website, Hot or Not? Way ahead of its time. Anyways, now go make some chili!