Kitchen Gainz - Build Muscle with THICK BOY Chili

Kitchen Gainz - Build Muscle with THICK BOY Chili

This one’s for the meatheads who love to slam weights and slam chili! Did you know your humble pot of chili can be a muscle-building powerhouse? Let me tell you about what we like to call, "THICK BOY CHILI" – a double-meat, protein-packed feast that fuels gains. It’s like your favorite pot of chili…but on steroids…see what I did there?

“Pump up your chili, you idiot!”- Arnold…probably

Double Down on Protein:
Double up that beef because beef is king! However, if you want to drop a few of those calories and party at the same time, you can even mix meats. More meat is better than less meat I always say. Mix lean ground beef with either ground turkey or ground venison for a protein-packed punch.

Beans in chili is the age-old debate. If you want to add beans to the mix, do it. You don’t have to though. They will add some more protein to the mix and muscle-friendly carbs and fiber though. Your call depending on if your team beans or team meat.


The Sets:
1-2 lb ground beef
1 lb ground turkey/venison
1 onion
1 can black beans
1 can kidney beans
2 cans diced tomatoes
Tacticalories Chili Seasoning of choice (don’t skimp)
Beef broth as needed

The Reps:
1. Sautee an onion in the pan
2. Brown the meats and drain excess fat.
3. Add beans, tomatoes, and chili seasoning.
4. Simmer to let flavors meld and thicken.

Get After It, Thick Boy!
Slam a couple bowls of THICK BOY CHILI post-workout, and you've got a meal that's as serious about muscle building as you are. So, ladle up, fuel up, and make those gains with