ROWDY RAMEN with RONIN Teriyaki, YAMA Soy, and MORE

ROWDY RAMEN with RONIN Teriyaki, YAMA Soy, and MORE

A Ramen that stands out in a crowded room of others.

With a few steps and some solid flavor adds from Tacticalories, this Ramen will change your dinner game...

Crafted by the Purveyor’s of Flavor at Tacticalories we present one of the greatest broths known to man mixed with exceptional ingredients and of course unbelievable sauces. 


Prep Time: 10 Minutes
Cook Time: 25 Minutes
Servings: 6 People



  • Turn on a grill or smoker to medium-high heat. Prepare a cast iron skillet with 2 tbsp of vegetable oil by filling out the bottom with a thin layer of oil. As well as prepare a pot over medium heat with the remaining vegetable oil (3 tbsp). Set aside a pot of water that will later be used for the noodles.
  • Marinade 3 lbs of flank steak using ¾ cup of  Ronin | Dark Honey Teriyaki and ¼ cup of  Yama | Ghost and Garlic Soy Sauce.

  • Slice 1 whole sweet onion, cut off the stems of brussel sprouts and cut them in half, and cut off all of the bottom of the green onions and separate that from the rest of the sliced green onion. Place all of this to the side. 

  • Place brussel sprouts in the cast iron skillet cut side down and then place them into the grill or smoker. Cook them until they’re charred slightly. Once they’re fully cooked pull them off the grill or smoker and begin to drizzle ¼  cup of  Ronin | Dark Honey Teriyaki Sauce.Then begin to mix the brussel sprouts around until they’re completely glazed. Use 2 tsp of  Carbivore | Everything Bagel Seasoning in order to cover the brussel sprouts. 

  • Place the bottom of the sweet onions in the pot, sliced sweet onions, shiitake mushrooms, and 1 cup of the matchstick carrots into the pot. Cover the vegetables in ½ cup of  Bushcraft | Herby, Savory, Over-The-Fire Seasoning.  Sauté the vegetables until they begin to soften slightly.
  • After the vegetables are softened, dump all 4 of the 32 oz sodium-free beef broth into the pot. Using a sodium free broth is very important as we like to add our own seasonings and salts for a higher-quality prep! Cover with the top of the pot. Once it begins to boil, turn down the heat and return it to a simmer. Continually stir the broth in order to stop the vegetables from burning. At the same time begin to turn the heat up to high for the pot of water that the noodles will go into. Once the water is boiling, put the noodles into the pot and return it down to a medium temperature to avoid burning the noodles. 

  • Turn the grill up to a high heat. Throw the marinated flank steak onto the grates of the grill, let it sear for 1-2 minute(s) on each side and then turn the heat down to medium to finish cooking. Flip once halfway through and cook to around 130-140 degrees internal (to preference). Once finished take it off the heat and let it rest. 

  • Throw in the rest of the matchstick carrots into the broth and let them cook in the broth for about two minutes. Pull the pot off with the broth and begin to pour it into 6 bowls. Take the pot with the noodles off of the heat and put them into the broth. Begin to slice into the flank steak and place it to the side of the noodles in the bowl. Throw in the already cooked brussel sprouts and garnish with the rest of the sliced green onions. Drizzle with the remaining  Yama | Ghost and Garlic Soy Sauceto finish.