BELT FED Midwestern Seasoning - Corn, Chicken, & Tators [LIVE]

BELT FED Midwestern Seasoning - Perfect or Corn on the Cob, Chicken, & Tators... DANGEROUSLY appetizing small-batch seasoning blend purpose-built for those that eat their corn in "full auto".


Cob after cob, BELT FED will be racked up at your dinner table. For best results, try a light coating of olive oil and BELT FED on grilled corn! BELT FED can also be used on other grilled veggies to bring a truly unique flavor to your plate!


As you know, our goal is to target at least three distinct flavor notes with our blends. For BELT FED, those flavors are Sweet, Salty, Zesty with No Heat! 

We take our flavor game as serious as it gets. Let's just say we tend to push it to the max...

One night in June, I was out to dinner with my family and I ordered a thick ribeye with veggie on the side. The chefs choice for the veggie option was corn on the cob. 

Now, being from Western Pennsylvania, I grew up on meat and corn. When the waiter brought the corn out, I was less than impressed. The corn sat there watery, waxy, dull, plain, and I wanted nothing more but to dump it in the trash. I gave it the benefit of the doubt and took a few bites. although it tasted "ok", I thought to myself, "I wish I had some seasonings with me."

The idea was born... 

The next day, my team and I began work on the BELT FED concept.

Why stop at salt and pepper when we've found that a light dusting of smokey paprika, celery and dill, and some onion makes corn taste like nothing you've ever eaten?

Like I said above, we tend to push it to the max... 

Buy a one-way ticket, because with a simple dusting of BELT FED and you're never goin' back. :-)

Now, I know... I know... "But, Casey.... corn is corn, bro."

Trust me when I say it, you're going to love it.

Usage Tips:

Butter warm corn, and then dust an ample amount of BELT FED over the entire cob!

  • CORN!!! Corn on the cob, Corn off the cob, Corn from a can, Corn from a bag... It doesn't matter. Dust it on corn and rejoice!
  • AMAZING on squash and zucchini
  • Mix into olive oil or melted butter for an amazing glaze or dip
  • Your imagination is the limit... try it on chicken to blow your mind.

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 36 reviews
      Jerry Cook
      This stuff is amazing buy it bye the pound

      This is hands down the best addition to corn, popcorn, other veggies. Holy crap I love it so much I make street corn dip with it. Do not pass buy it

      Joseph Eaton
      Amazing flavors

      This is great on corn! But I decided to sprinkle it on deviled eggs instead of paprika and it was great there as well! There were no eggs left! Can’t wait to try it on some other foods!

      David Garlitz
      Full of flavor!

      Not just for corn! I've put it on green beans, fried potatoes, and even Texas toast! I am ready to throw this on most anything!

      KYLE H
      Best corn on the cob seasoning ever

      The saltiness of the seasoning greatly compliments the sweetness of the buttered corn; even got one for my buddy and he loves it.

      Benjamin Vestal

      Great on corn but put some on your chicken and it'll change your life.