Bad Hombre Taco Seasoning - Twin Pack


The most bad-ass taco seasoning this side of the border... Bad Hombre offers everything you want for your beloved Taco Tuesday dinner. Savory out of the gate with a rich, smokey finish. Ditch the junky fillers, chemical flavoring, artificial coloring, and unnecessary preservatives you find in store-bought pouches and grab the Bad Hombre.

Available in two distinct blends; Mild and Fire


Bad Hombre - Mild

O, you thought you knew tacos? Think again... Next-level flavor without the heat. Perfect for family taco night, meal-prep, breakfast scrambles, or anywhere you like to add the taco flavoring you grew up with. *Family Friendly*

Bad Hombre - Fire

Absolute. Game. Changer. This is the blend we set out to design over a year ago. We wanted enough heat to make you sweat but we required a load of flavor that we simply could not find anywhere on the market. Stupid-hot seasoning gimmick, this is not. It's not the hottest we can go. It's the hottest we wanted to go. I've had a taco or two in my day, and nothing has come close to a Bad Hombre- Fire taco. *Hot and Spicy, Proceed with Caution" 

Ingredient List

NET WT. 3.5 OZ (99G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.56g) | Servings per Container - 176
Sodium - 33mg
Carbs / Sugar - 0

Our own craft recipe blended with Ground Chili Peppers, Cumin, Salt, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Cayenne, Paprika Oleoresin, & Allspice.

NET WT. 3.7 OZ (105G)
Serving Size - 1/4 tsp (.58g) | Servings per Container - 181
Sodium - 36mg per serving
Carbs / Sugar - 33mg per serving

Our own craft recipe blended with Ground Chili Peppers, Salt, Cumin, Black Pepper, Garlic, Onion, Oregano, Cayenne, Dextrose, Paprika Oleoresin, Allspice, Red Pepper, Jalapeno, Habanero, Capsicum Oleoresin, & Natural Smoke Powder. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Just buy it.

Like the title says. Just buy it. In fact, buy more. I've made some pretty good tacos in my day, but nothing has compared to what these seasonings can do. I've had tacos for three nights this week, trying different ways with it. 10/10 will buy again.

Tacos Supreme

Hands down the best taco seasoning ever. Ate tacos for about a week straight just so I could try both the mild and fire flavors. The left over meat, if there was any, went in my eggs the following morning.


All in the title. Taco Tuesday will never be the same. Don’t miss out on this if your into cooking. As a matter of fact. Try them all! Have yet to disappoint. As pumped to see what’s next!

Damn good tacos

Recently bought the twin pack along with assault and pepper and I have to say WOW this stuff tastes good. So far I've cooked it it on eggs, ground buffalo, and steak and it's been awesome. Get the hot version as the mild didn't have enough kick for me. Don't be fooled by the price. Plenty of servings and the stuff really is that good. Keep up the good work.

Tacos ever day of the week

This stuff is the real deal. Gets the perfect color and the perfect taste. You can tell a lot of blood sweat and tears went into this ( not literally) they searched for th perfect blend and by god they hit the mark. Mild is amazing. The fire honestly was not as hot as I thought it would be. Maybe I’m just use to it but both were amazing. Keep up the great work!