Fresh to Death Salt & Pepper Combo

We've built our brand on FLAVOR. We built it with INGREDIENTS. This single ingredient product is one of the best we've found and we couldn't wait to pass it on to you.

Our FRESH TO DEATH Salt is harvested from a local deep-water brine well in the Finger Lakes Region of Upstate, New York - our new Fresh to Death Salt is loaded with healthy minerals giving it a truly one-of-a-kind, clean and crisp flavor enhancement for any meal.

Our FRESH TO DEATH Pepper is imported from the "Kota Bumi" (aka Center of the Earth) village of Indonesia, the ripe Lampung peppercorns are known as the most desired on earth due to their high-oil content, fresh, crisp flavor, and short harvesting season. Our Fresh to Death Pepper is fresh-ground, in house to assure an incredible pepper flavor you cannot find in store-bought options. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Great flavor!

    It's not just a staple, it's a necessity!

    I never knew black pepper had an actual flavor until I started using Tacticalories' black pepper. The salt is also impressive; I use less salt in my food, and everything still tastes fantastic. I'm spoiled from "normal" salt and pepper now - it's Tacticalories or nothing!!

    Matt C | Charlotte, NC
    Game Changing Salt & Pepper Combo | Awesome Flavor

    BOOM! The Fresh to Death Salt & Pepper combo has made it from the cabinet to the counter top for everyday use now. We love this stuff! Trying our old blend is like comparing folgers to Black Rifle Coffee. There is just no comparison.

    We dressed our ribeyes with this blend and a little bit of garlic powder and it was awesome. I won't do a steak without it now. We also using it for salads and pretty much all of our cooking and my only fear now is running out before we resupply. I tried it on a pork loin with some fresh peaches and the family raved about it all night (photo below)

    TACTICALORIES brings the flavor! Can't wait to try more of the taco seasoning later this week.

    Great work guys and you have a long-time customer here!

    Andy Robinson

    These are the best seasonings my wife and I have ever used!! After my Buddy Jason Ellsworth turned us onto these we just can’t get enough!

    Jason Helton

    I'm not one to review anything, I have used many seasonings and sauces from tacticalories. I don't know how you can make salt and pepper better, but somehow they accomplished this.