This kit is fitted with 6 products of your choice.

You asked, we answered! Finally - build your own 6 pack of products from our full arsenal! 

 Selections do not have to be unique. For example, feel free to order all Carving House or 3 Assault & Pepper with 3 Firing Lime Chipotles. Enjoy!

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    Matt Lawyer
    Be creative, you'll thank yourself

    I got the 6 pack.

    Carvers Prime. Not bad, needed to use a fair amount for the smoked prime rib. I tried it alone. Would recommend a touch of kosher salt to brighen up the herbs.

    Herb dust. This is quite special. Added this to some chicken I grilled for pasta. Then added as a quick final seasoning. Very vibrant flavors, not over powering. Tried later on some chicken that was pan seared. Hit with just a touch of lemon at the end and it was incredible.
    Buzzed. I mean, let's be honest. This is ridiculous, unnecessary and the most amazing thing I bought. The espresso lends a nice organic smoky flavor and the salt is just amazing. I did find using this as a final seasoning is a bit more satisfying than cooking with it. A hard sear can make the espresso flavoring a touch bitter.
    Deadshot. Quite nice. I did a pork loin and it was really pleasant.
    I am trying the carving horse tonight. Very much looking forward to it.

    The prices are higher than what you will pay in the stores. But the overall quality of the product demands the best ingredients and if you were to try and price these out and blend, save your money and time and go with Tacticalories, it is worth the money and I have found easy to tweak and play with to find the exact flavor profile you need for your cooking style and palate.
    I'll be back, thats for sure. I may even send them a sample of my peach bbq sauce and see if they like it.


    Great combo pack. These guys have the spice game locked.

    On to the next one...

    My husband and I had tried a couple and loved them, so I decided to replenish what we had already used up and add a few new exciting flavors. They are full of flavor and so fresh. We couldn't be happier!

    Brady Glenn
    Exploding with flavors

    This is a great way to get started on trying a variety of delicious flavors. These ALL enhance your food, guaranteed. These have kicked our daily meals up a notch with just a few dashes of whatever spice we’re craving. I found my favorite - Deadshot, apple cider pork rub. Excellent holiday gift!

    Michelle Parina
    The best flavor combinations!

    I love everything I have purchased, shared with family, friends and bragged about!
    I want more Casey and Co.!
    Let's talk about white and or black truffle sea salts! You actually have the only 'BBQ' sauces I like! And your Mustards.. salsa's, disgustingly delicious! Forget chips.. you only need a spoon, a large one!
    I have used them as marinade's, a profile base for any meat and seafood, and pasta. Let's do lunch and talk about food, herbs and spice, and everything nice, about beverages and mixes, I know you can do this! EveryTacticalories purchase makes me very happy! 😊