Firing Lime Chipotle- 4.0oz

Spicy, smokey, earthy taste with real, natural ingredients to add a little flame to your meals. Chicken, fish, beef, seafood, pork, game meat, and veggies - nothing is safe. Smoked chipotle pepper with a hint of fresh lime - game over.

Our own craft recipe blended with sea salt, chipotle pepper Morita, dextrose, garlic, onion, sugar, cumin, cilantro, black pepper, coriander, cayenne, lime flavor, and citric acid. Net Wt. 4.0 OZ

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    All the yes

    One word: nachos. Smokey, savory, firey (that's not a word, but whatever) unbelievably delectable nachos covered in hot, melty cheese just bursting with flavor. Add in some fresh cilantro, corn, avocado and shredded chicken, and you're in heaven. Don't like nachos? Well, that's weird, but OK, how about tacos? Any kind of tacos for that matter - fish, steak, chicken, shrimp, you name it, this seasoning kicks it up and makes it downright delicious. Add it to some rice with cilantro and avocado...trust me. I've even made chicken burgers with it and almost died it was so good! Just mix together some ground chicken, Firing Lime, green chilies and green onions and top with avocado and sour cream. It's ridiculously good on everything, and you'll be extremely glad you bought it.

    Top choice

    The best! I love this one it's my fave! Nice spice

    Beyond excellent

    The only time this flavor let me down is when I used the last of it. I need to restock my cooking arsenal ASAP with more.

    Chipotle Lime Love

    For reals you won't get sick of chicken breasts if you dump this stuff on it. I add it to diced breast meat and cook a bunch then use it on salads, in wraps and on crispy tacos all week. Yummy without being overpowering.

    That Cilnatro...

    If you're like me you have 17 industrial sized bottles of powdered seasonings, collected over the years. You've got your basics: garlic, onion, salt, herbs and peppers and then, the countless one offs, rubs and seasonings you bought for that ONE bbq because it promised it tasted like something out of the food network but now you all you have is Guy Fieri staring you right in the face every time you open the cabinet. Bottom line is, they all taste the same and so does your eyeball percent proprietary blend of generic powders... So does mine.

    The freshness, quality and variety of the ingredients in every bag of tacticalories is what makes it really stand out. Have used all varieties on all sorts of tasty animals this summer and the results are always the same, watering mouths and satisfied guests!

    Firing Lime Chipotle is no exception, yet another solid, full flavored seasoning to add to the arsenal for variety's sake! Zesty, a little sweet and that smokey BOOM from the Chipotle sneaking in at the end will put at smile on your face. It is a familiar Tex-Mex flavor taken to a whole 'nother level with the freshness of the lime and Cilantro Ohhh that Cilnatro.

    Tried it on my weekly batch of chicken and on a chunky Guac. Crushed Acocados, fresh lime juice and a healthy serving of FLC... Dude, say goodbye to Emeril and the boys, Ya'll are fired!

    One thing though... Might want to tone it down if you're having unsuspecting company, things can get pretty hot, real quick for the less experienced, mortal palates.

    Anyway, another direct hit, love it! Get you some and try it for yourself!

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