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Smoky, North-East Hickory BBQ Seasoning ūüí®

We've all grown to love the distinct flavor from a true wood-fire smoker. You may think you have to sit around a pit all day to get a truly authentic BBQ flavor, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Add that patented flavor to ANY dish with ease - Try Adirondack Smoke BBQ dusted over your next meal...


Born from an idea... an idea fueled by craft beer and good times in a cabin in the woods outside of Saranac Lake, NY last winter... deep in the heart of the Adirondack Park. 

This idea was to go against the grain. Sure, I love southern-inspired recipes as much as the next guy but never before had I had a seasoning blend that could bring the fresh mountain air of the North East to any dish I create. There's just something about the smell of natural hickory smoke that sets me right with the world. With a packed wood stove pumping out heat and the scent of the mountains, Adirondack Smoke was born.

Once I let some friends and family test the blend, I knew I had to bring it to market. Now the time has come to grab up some of this truly one-of-a-kind BBQ seasoning and bring the mountains home. 

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 75 reviews
      William Pothier
      Smoke cranked to 10

      I bought this specifically for an idea of mine in making Hatch chili beef and cheddar sausages as the only spice besides cure. The smoke and flavor this imparted in my sausages was amazing and worked well with the chili and high temp cheese. This stuff would be amazing on anything you want to be flavorful AND smoky.

      Perfect, everyday rub

      From chicken wings, steaks, burgers and baked fingerling potatoes...this rub has become my go-to grab for quick dinner seasoning...great stuff!!

      Love it!

      If you don't have the time to have a chunk of meat spend all day in the smoker, this seasoning creates the same great flavor but in a matter of minutes on your grill! Amazing on pork chops.

      Brandon Bryant
      Just the right taste!

      Perfect addition to my smoked wings! Great spice and just the right amount of smokiness! Well order again to restock!

      Brady Moonan
      Phenomenal products every batch!

      Casey and his team at Tacticalories are fantastic as is their product - I have yet to be disappointed with any of their seasonings or sauces! Not only are their products great their customer service cannot be matched! Keep up the good work Casey and team!