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    Tyler Surtin
    My facosite

    Feel like I’ve been chasing my favorite salsa forever. I don’t have to search anymore. This is it.

    This salsa tastes natural plus heat. Perfect Blend imo. Really good heat, but not crazy. Non processed salsa taste. Fresh, amazing, and heat. Love it.

    Howard Stephens
    All star seasoning team

    Just a all star seasons team, never disappoint with their albity to season everything Just right, and backstabber no different than the rest of there all star line up

    Tara Staszowski
    Absolute Bliss with a kick

    Chips & salsa are my life, I eat them all the time. We like a little kick & with that being said Backstabber definitely has a kick but with an amazing fresh flavor that won't burn your tastebuds.Dont let the Carolina Reaper peppers scare you just buy it, you will not regret your choice.

    Jesse Alexander
    Excellent salsa

    The word reaper would usually scare me, and it is spicy forsure. But also full of flavor! Tacos with bad homere and the Verde sauce along with backstabber was amazing!

    Matthew Usher
    Killer Salsa

    The heat is there but in no way overpowering. The flavor is amazing and the veggies hold up. A spicy chunky salsa for all occasions. Will buy again!!