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CARVERS PRIME RUB | Built for Prime Rib, Roasts, Brisket, & Ribeyes

Carvers Prime Rub has quickly become one of our top-sellers, and for good reason. It's salt, pepper, onion, garlic and mustard seed base will help create an exceptional crust on whatever meat you're preparing.  

This blend was built with simplicity and amplification in mind. Our flavor notes will boost the natural flavor and aroma of your big beef cuts without overpowering.Bold and Savory with that fresh ground bite you've come to expect from us.

The Legend of Butch Carver

Butch lived a strenuous and humble existence in the hills of Pennsylvania. Making his living falling trees and hand hewing lumber, bartering it off for his next meal.

Two notes on Butch; he had hands of stone and he knew how to enjoy a proper meal.

Each time a prime cut was on the menu - Brisket, Prime Rib, Ribeye... Butch would grab his fresh herbs and spice and hand grind his hearty blend.

A fair trade... a few hand-crafted Oak beams for a fresh cut prime roast from the local ranch. His beams held a roof over the very beef he consumed.

Butch has passed but his legend lives on. We bring you Butch’s finest in our new “Carvers Prime”.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 53 reviews
    Joshua Mickley

    Just used Carver's Prime for the first time on a ribeye I cooked on my electric Blackstone. Unreal! The flavors you guys create never fail. This steak was so good, I didn't even need to use A1. I will continue to buy from you guys.

    Britt Rittman
    Great as expected

    Used this prime rib on a rib roast recently and it was amazing. Looking to do another one soon.
    Also used it on a chuck roast I smoked and it to was marvelous!

    Matthew Davis
    Great gifts

    This has a great taste was great for Prime Rib. Everything i order from you is great.

    Paul Levesque

    Carvers prime is just simply awesome. Ive used this rub on multiple occasions from a 16lb wagyu brisket to a whole 7 bone prime rib, or just throwing some tomahawks on and now it’s become my biggest go-to rub I use on beef. Stranded island situation?…I’ll grab this

    Jack Corey
    Christmas Prime Rib

    My father-in-law makes 15-20lbs of prime rib every Christmas for the family party. This year he asked me to smoke a 10lber and I used Carvers Prime to season in. Let it sit in the fridge wrapped for 24 hrs and cooked it to medium rare. Now the family doesn’t want prime rib any other way. Best prime rib they have had and they have done this for over 30 years. We use Carvers Prime on just about everything we grill.