The truth is -- this is our absolute favorite product drop of the year! It's a time where our company can literally play a part in the success of thousands of Family Dinners nationwide. The "good vibes" we feel from all the social posts, emails, reviews, etc. are unmatched.

For those that have used the Brine Kits in the past. They're the same Fresh to Death blend you've drooled over - built to the same quality standards. Absolute top-quality ingredients, hand-ground and mixed @ our Rochester, New York small-batch facility.

Just because we've prepped more of these than ever before, DOES NOT mean we cut a single corner. No compromises. No brakes. All gas.

We're different than the other guys...
The Gobbler Hollow Bird Brine Kit is purpose built with years of R&D behind it. We're not just tossing one of our poor-selling mass produced rubs at you and telling you to use it on your bird.
We developed the entire Gobbler Hollow kit with ease of use AND maximum flavor, aroma, and juiciness in mind - that's why you get a full bottle of the Gobbler Hollow Bird Rub in every kit.
We've opted for a sexy,sleek new resealable pouch to carry the entire kit loadout as opposed to the heavy, expensive boxes we've used in the past. We really love the look & feel of the "Aromatic Alchemy" kit we're bringing to the table for 2022.

We're here to help... You're not alone!

Over the next few weeks, you'll be receiving emails and seeing us post on social media about a few tactics we use to prepare our Turkey Day feasts. We'd love to have you follow along - but, if you have a tried-and-true method, do it up! Just make sure to share it with us!

Finally -- Just WAIT until you see what we're working on over the next few weeks. We want this to be your Best Turkey Day Ever, so everyone snagging a Brine Kit will get first dibs on our FREE Turkey Day manual full of prep tips and unreal, easy, and delicious recipes. We're SO pumped for this one.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 104 reviews
    K Townsend
    Mind blowing Amazing

    This exceeded my hopes and dreams for Turkey! It was so good, I bought another kit to do for Christmas at my in-laws! I intentionally got the biggest Turkey I could find in hopes I would have leftovers. There wasn’t any!!! I had no leftovers!!! No one has to be subjected to a National Lampoons Christmas Vacation dry sawdust Turkey if they get this kit and follow the guide! I smoked and finished my Gobbler Hollow Turkey on a pellet grill and I’d use this kit over my homemade brines any day! It’s a full 5 stars from me and my family!

    Robert Ashton
    Haven't tried yet----have to get a turkey.


    Jon Fox
    The stuff of LEGEND

    Tacticalories has helped me up my game in all things grilled, but this is now my favorite of all their products. Brought this to the family Thanksgiving this year, and was the clear standout of the entire feast. In competition against a baked, a smoked, and a deep fried bird, this tray was the only one that was picked clean by the time dinner was over. 10 people asked if there was any leftover turkey to take home from "The really good one."
    I've already reordered two more kits in case word gets out and this is scarce next year.
    Tacticalories, I love you.

    Jack Collins
    Best ever

    First time bringing the turkey. Hands down, the best turkey ever. Already got another one for the next one . Gave us soany happy memories across the table with talk about the flavors and juiciness of this Thanksgiving bird. Very thankful for it.

    Ron Conover
    This shit is awesome!

    This bird brine kit is awesome, just awesome. I used this on a whole chicken and several chicken breasts instead of a turkey. I grilled them and I have never had anything so moist and flavourfull in my life. The chip dip that came with it was really good as well!