Smoky Hickory BBQ Sauce with a strong Peppery Bite

Peppery Hickory BBQ Sauce


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Jeffrey Howe

Excellent product!!!

Frank Militello Jr.
Fantastic BBQ sauce

Hands down one of the best Barbecue sauces I’ve had in a long time. First test was with chicken breasts and they were absolutely phenomenal. I’ve since began putting it on my roast beef sandwiches for my lunches for work. Goes great with the roast beef and just enough heat from the peppers to leave that flavor in your mouth highly recommend!

Robert Stanhope
Amazing sauce

This is exactly as described! Not for the faint of heart! Amazing flavor! Great all around sauce!

Amazing, to say the least

So my bottle showed up the day I was moving, thank God I got it. Waited to move 3 states before opening it. So now that I'm a little settled I used it as a marinate, and the chicken came out fabulous. It had just enough kick, not to overpowering cause my palate can't handle too spicy. Just a little. Can't wait to cook with this some more. A+ Tacticalories!

Steve Lucey
The BBQ You've Waiting For...

Or at least, this is the one I've been waiting for. Tacticalories makes great product, no question, but where the BBQ options were concerned, while they're fantastic, nothing quite hit the style that I'm partial to - something with "bite." Well, my shipment literally arrived at my door minutes ago and I couldn't help but crack open a bottle right away for a straight up taste test. My god...this is the one. That upfront hickory taste with the peppery afternote mentioned in the product description? That's exactly what you get and the overall flavor profile is phenomenal. I'm glad I ordered a handful of bottles because this is the BBQ sauce standard that I'm sticking with as my go to. Great job Tacticalories team!