Proudly made in Rochester, NY using 100% IRON SMOKE Straight Bourbon Whiskey & GALLONS of 100% BOXLER NY Maple Syrup. Sweet, smoky mop sauce that is our highest quality ever with a
nice thin consistency for mopping & basting.Made in one Single Barrel and filled with only the best of the best.



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Great company with awesome products.


Superb!!!.. truly superb.

Taylor Quick
Game Changer - Order Several

Casey sent me a bottle of this to try and I was anbsoluteky pumped. I’ve always been a fan of bourbon bbq sauces, BUT not everyone I cook for is. More often than not, those sauces are heavy handed on the bourbon. As a bourbon drinker, I don’t mind that. My wife and kids, however, do.

Single Barrel is the bourbon bbq sauce for everyone. The bourbon flavor is easily present but isn’t overriding everything else. The maple balances the bourbon and heat in a way that makes you want another bite instantly. The sugar carmelizes perfectly with the heat from the grill and delivers a phenomenal texture on your food. This was an absolute banger of a homerun from a flavor standpoint.

I think my favorite thing about it is the consistency. This is advertised as a lip sauce and it absolutely excels at that. I seasoned some chicken thighs with Adirondack Smoke and mopped them after every flip. The sauce is thin enough to mop but also clings to the meat. I also used this as a drizzle sauce on several dishes and as a dipping sauce. Casey and the crew always come correct, but this sauce was pure perfection. Well done guys!!

Brad Reinert
Order Double, you wont regret it!

I was lucky enough to get my hands on an early release, and I am so glad I did - this is one of my new favorites!

I dusted this spatchcocked Chicken with Adirondack Smoke then smoked it at 265 the pellet grill for 2 hours, mopping every 20 minutes with Single Barrel!
The sauce was the perfect consistency for mopping (thin yet thick enough to stick to the bird). The taste is a sweet, smoky bbq with hints of maple and whiskey and a very subtle spice! It paired perfectly with the chicken and doubles as a delicious dipping sauce. The cooking caramelized the sugar in the sauce and it was a really deep flavor you wanted more of!!!

The consistency is that of a mop sauce but it is so much more than just a mop sauce. Like the title said, order double!