The Assault Athlete Warmup

The Assault Athlete Warmup


The Assault Athlete Warmup

  1. OFFICIAL WARM UP -- "It's All About 2's"
    - 2 Minute Room Jog
    - 2 Minutes Slow Burpees
    - 2 Minutes Deadbugs
    - 2 Minutes Full Depth Pause Squats
    - 2 Minutes Inch Worm Push Up

    All movement done for quality, not rep count.
Assault Athlete Daily Programming

Daily programming for the most savage among us. Follow along using#AssaultAthlete on social!  

Welcome to the program that will transform you from mediocre to straight savage. It's unconventional, but so are our goals. I've personally contracted the help of one of the most savage trainers in the game; Rob Saeva of No Coast Strength & Conditioning. His results speak for themselves and I want nothing but the best for this group.

After much discussion on the goals of the followers of this site, Rob has crafted a program that is all inclusive, challenging, and perfectly oriented for your goal of being the most prepared in the room.

Step it - It's Assault Athlete Training and it's FREE exclusively at

Programming by NoCoastSC
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