Carving House Bacon Burgers on the Rec Tec Bullseye

Carving House Bacon Burgers on the Rec Tec Bullseye

YO! So… I cannot think of something closer to my heart than BACON STUFFED BURGERS. But, for some reason, I don’t make them all that often. They’re simple to make and when prepped this way, the flavor is untouchable. Harness the flavor of our #1 selling carnivore seasoning blend, CARVING HOUSE with the convienionce and reliability of the Rec Tec Bullseye pellet grill along with the all-natural, organic ground beef from Laura’s Lean Beef (#NVREVR)!

Simple How-To… Here’s what you’ll need:

  • Beef
  • Bacon
  • Grill

For the more advanced that take themselves a little more serious… I’ll expand:

How’d I do it?

  • Pre-heat Rec Tec Bullseye on high. Steady around 450*. If using cast iron pan, toss it on the grill at this time.
  • Bacon prep – You have two options, 1. Cook 4 strips whole and crumble finished product OR 2. Slice 4 strips into 4 chunks each and toss in the cast iron pan. MUST USE KA-BAR or similarly unnecessarily awesome knife. BE SURE to add Carving House to the bacon for the best bacon of your life.

  • Dump thawed beef into a big bowl. Add cook bacon into the bowl. Top mix with Carving House seasoning then mix well and evenly. Make 2-4 burger patties.
  • Toss patties back into the cast iron pan. Cook for 5 minutes, flip once and take internal temp. Make sure to coat in the sizzling bacon grease. I prefer to pull my burgers at 135/140* for a nice medium finish. The bacon grease coating in combination with the Carving House seasoning should help give it a crispy crust with a juicy center.