Meal ideas fit for an EMPRESS...

Meal ideas fit for an EMPRESS...

EMPRESS Vanilla Sinnamon Finishing Salt is that of legend, and you're not gonna let it collect dust in your cupboard. No way. You're gonna make this stuff sing.


Caramel Brittle

Recipe coming soon.


French Toast

How to Use the EMPRESS Vanilla Sinnamon Finishing Salt: Once you've got that French toast all golden and smelling like a bakery, hit it with the Vanilla Cinnamon Finishing Salt.

Pair With: Pour yourself a strong cup of black coffee.This isn't breakfast; it's the main event.


Apple Pie

How to Use: Right before that pie goes into the oven, sprinkle some of this game-changing salt on the crust.

Pair With: Aged bourbon or a hot toddy. I want this right now.


Pork Chops

How to Use: Grill those pork chops to juicy perfection. Right before you take your first bite, sprinkle a little of this salt to go from 'good' to 'are you kidding me?' Trust us on this one…

Pair With: A full-bodied red wine with some spice to it, or a dark craft beer. This is fine dining, even if you're on your suburban patio with a fake smile and big dreams.


Roasted Sweet Potatoes

How to Use: Roast those sweet potatoes until they're caramelized and tender. Now make them memorable with a hit of that EMPRESS salt.

Pair With: A smooth and earthy Pinot Noir or even a vanilla-infused craft ale.


Oatmeal or Overnight Oats

How to Use: Make your oats however you like them, but before you dig in, sprinkle a bit of this vanilla-cinnamon magic on top.

Pair With: A steaming cup of Earl Grey tea or bold cup of coffee.