My Favorite Keto Breakfast!

My Favorite Keto Breakfast!

I admit, using buzzwords to back your plan is fun. Keto this, macros that. But, the truth is, I'm just doing the best I can. Keto-ish is probably more accurate. 10 days into this run and I haven't swayed. No sugars, refined carbs, nothing more than fat, protein, and a few low-GI veggies.

I feel great eating like this, even when training heavy. Monday I deadlifted 500 for 3 sets of 5 and still hit a spicy little workout by SOFLETE (the training program I'm running). I wanted to share this stat for two reasons.

1. To assure you realize that I'm the alpha-ginger.

2. Just kidding, but really. Plus, I like to combat the fallacy that you need a steady stream of carbs in your fat face just to get or remain strong-ish.

Trust me, I love carbs just as much as the next guy, but the proof is in the way I feel and perform. I feel great, I'm mentally as clear as I've ever been, and I'm dropping weight by the day. It's tough to complain when you're able to eat like this >>> SEE BELOW >>> and still drop weight.

Assault & Pepper Keto Skillet Blast

Looking for an easy to prep, irresponsibly good tasting breakfast that fits your keto or low-carb macros? Check it.



  • Calories - 526 kCal
  • Fat - 36g
  • Carbs - 1g
  • Protein - 43g


Super easy. Chop 4 strips of bacon into 4th's or 5th's, toss into a pre-heated pan or skillet at medium-ish heat. Make sure it's just hot enough to simmer. Stir and flip often. After a few flips top with Assault & Pepper Seasoning Blend.

Once the bacon is hardening and changing in color, add the broccoli. Toss until the broccoli is well coated with bacon grease.

Add 4 whole eggs over the mix and mix often as to not burn the eggs. Feel free to add more Assault & Pepper to the top of this mix to add some pop.

Finally, top with 2 slices of pepper jack cheese and cut the cheese into the total mix, assuring you fold the cheese throughout.

Thank me later...


- Casey