This is one of those recipes that is a little more of a suggestion than anything. To each their own and each of us will like something a little different. The basics remain the same, but make sure you go with your heart of hearts and make this one your own.
First -- you're going to want the following:
  • Crunchy / half-stale baguettes 
  • Butter
  • Pasta Dust seasoning
  • Herb Dust seasoning
  • Fresh to Death Salt
  • Fresh to Death Pepper
  • Pie Slayer Pizza Sauce (For dippin')
Making the garlic bread is easy as pie... Start with 4-6 tablespoons of soft butter. Toss it in a bowl, and shake a shake or two of each of the seasonings over the top: Pasta Dust seasoning, Herb Dust seasoning, Fresh to Death Salt, and Fresh to Death Pepper.
There isn't a true science here. If you want the bread to be extra garlicy, add some extra Herb Dust. If you like it more herby, add an extra shake or two of the Pasta Dust. Salt and pepper to taste.
Mix the dry seasonings into the butter until it's consistent and paint over a crunchy baguette. 
For cooking it up, a pizza oven works best because of the top down heat. A great alternative is the broiler option on your oven. We used our pizza over @ around 700*, and it only took a few seconds to crisp up nicely. 
Serve warm and dip in your Pie Slayer Pizza Sauce!