🎃🪓 PUMPKIN CARVER Butternut Squash

🎃🪓 PUMPKIN CARVER Butternut Squash

Incredible flavor for one of my favorite seasonal veggies. Start by setting the @recteq_official pellet grill to 350° and let it warm up while prepping the squash.

Use your new @montanaknifecompany Blackfoot Hunter knife to slice both ends off the squash. Make another cut to split into halves, and another to quarter. Remove the seeds with a tablespoon.

Lightly coat the “meat” side of the squash with olive oil and a healthy dusting of Tacticalories Pumpkin Carver seasoning.

Toss on the grill, meat side down until it starts to char, usually around 30-45 minutes.

Flip with “meat” side up for the remainder of the cook. I cook until you can probe with a fork and it doesn’t stick to it. We call this “clean pull”. That usually takes an additional 30 minutes after the flip, for a total of 60-90 minutes.

We served these quarters as is, using a spoon to eat right out of the shell but you can also cut out from the shell and cube. We served this beside our World Famous Pumpkin Pie chicken wings, and it was pure 🔥. ❤️ Butternut squash are loaded with health benefits and fresh seasonal flavor. Give it a shot...