RUDE BOY Jerk Marinade Recipe

RUDE BOY Jerk Marinade Recipe

Rude Boy Jamaican Jerk Rub by Tacticalories Seasoning Co. is our take on the age old technique of Jerk Style cooking. Three key, fresh-ground ingredients lead off the Fresh to Death flavor from Rude Boy - Thyme, Allspice, and Peppers. Mild to medium in heat, but JAMMIN’ with flavor. 

Bring out TRUE citrus flavor in this easy Jerk Marinade recipe!



For this recipe, we used Stay Classy Meats chicken thighs. We lightly trimmed the hanging fat but not too much. Rubbed the chicken with a light coating of olive oil and then a generous coating of RUDE BOY Jerk Rub. Once the chicken is completely covered with seasoning, we placed it into a container. Use orange juice to completely cover the chicken, cover, and place in the refrigerator for at least one hour. If you'd like to add extra heat, consider slicing fresh serrano peppers and placing them into the dish with the marinating chicken. If you like additional citrus flavoring, add a sliced lime to the mix.

We chose to grill over charcoal using high heat. Add a few shots of LUSCA Hot Sauce and a dusting of RUDE BOY. The flavor was incredible!