Thrillbilly Spicy-Ass Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich

Thrillbilly Spicy-Ass Nashville Fried Chicken Sandwich

Ever wanted a Nashville Chicken Sandwich that will bring straight to the front row of a Honky Tonk show? 

Well, get ready because Thrillbilly seasoning from the Purveyors of Flavor at Tacticalories will get your taste buds rocking. A Nashville Hot seasoning that packs a slow burning flavor and brings the music to your mouth. You’ll love this stuff..

Prep Time: 20 Minutes | Cook Time: 10 Minutes a Sandwich | Servings: 6 Sandwiches


Directions for Thrillbilly Spicy-Ass Nashville Fried Chicken

  • Mix 2 cups of panko in with 4 tbsp of Thrillbilly. Mix until Thrillbilly is fully combined within the panko bread crumbs. Add more Thrillbilly if you wanna turn up the heat and keep your taste buds rocking.
  • We put our cast iron onto a charcoal outdoor grill. Otherwise inside on a stovetop could also work very well. Fill the cast iron a quarter full of your choice of oil.
  • Powder your chicken in the flour and roll-over until completely coated. Then move the chicken over into the egg bath and dunk/soak it in egg until it's completely covered. After that, move the chicken from the egg into the panko and Thrillbilly mix. Move it around to completely cover the chicken in breadcrumbs.

#1 - Coat with Flour

#2 - Coat in Egg

#3 - Coat in Panko / Thrillbilly Mix

  • Put into the cast iron once the oil is hot. You can check this by sticking a wooden stick into the oil and see if the bubbles slowly rise up. If it bubbles quickly then the oil is too hot and should be allowed to cool down.

  • Once the chicken is in and frying be sure to flip consistently while it's cooking in order to avoid burning either side. 
  • Pull chicken out of the oil once the outside browns up nicely. Check the temperature and make sure it is over 165 degrees. If not, we suggest that you put it onto the top rack of a grill or into the oven at 400 degrees for a couple minutes until it's up to temperature.
  • For our Nashville Hot sandwich, we chose a nice Brioche Bun. Feel free to lightly toast the bun. Add the fried chicken and top with  our homemade BELT FED Aioli sauce (click to view), and finish with a few dill pickle chips.

BELT FED AIoli Sawse