Fire Forged Sea Salt has become a cult classic for it's simple yet intense salty heat. We accomplished this one-of-a-kind flavor by combining premium ingredients with the proprietary Tacticalories method of grinding and mixing like Master Bladesmith and CEO of Montana Knife Company Josh Smith Says "KNOW YOUR MAKER" This collaboration installs over 30 years of craftmanship into a clean, simple, rich, and firey sea salt blend perfect for dusting over any meal. 
Simple in design, but it hits just where you need it. SALTY HEAT!
Use anywhere you'd typically use salt to add some real, rich heat. This Sea Salt blend will add some heat, but not burn the place down... (See HELLFIRE Forged Sea Salt)
PERFECT for all aspects of meal and food prep. Clean, simple, rich, and firey. 

    Customer Reviews

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    Mike Larsen
    Keep it stocked!

    After trying this years ago, I make sure to never run out. It his is good on anything.

    Eric Nichols
    It Slaps Bud!

    Grabbed myself some of this Fire Forged Sea Salt in my last order, I'll be honest I was blown away. This adds a whole new level to grilling. Like all products from Tacticalories, they never fail to impress.

    Grab yourself some to give your meat a little kick

    Faye Allen-Fain

    Harry loves this product puts it on everything sits on the table.his favorite salt shaker.

    Dave Shirley
    Makes everything better

    I keep bottles at work and home and put this on everything. I have backups for travel and just in case I run out. My family puts this on pretty much anything and it enhances the flavors each time.

    Wombat Sandwich
    Good on everything

    This stuff is amazing and the 2 friends that borrowed the backups I had, and then the other 3 friends that borrowed the backups from my 2nd order of it would agree (I'm starting to think they stole from me). I just it on so much stuff. It's even great mixed with ranch dressing for a dipping sauce. Just the right amount of heat so people that don't really like hot, can still enjoy it. This is my new go-to seasoning...I just need to hide my backup bottles better.