Assault & Pepper Smoked Venison Burgers

Assault & Pepper Smoked Venison Burgers

As real as it gets...

There is no better feeling that filling your fridge with fresh, hormone-free, free-range Venison. In the North East, it's a way of life. I personally grew up eating Venison a few nights a week.

Prep was simple. A pound or two, grilled - A dash of salt, a dash of pepper. The other half of the plate would be made up of a large baked potato with butter (and again, a dash of salt, a dash of pepper). If Dad was feeling lucky, we'd have some sliced bell peppers and onions cooked in cast iron with a fine, tin-can lager.

I can't say there would have been any way to improve those meals, they were as good as it gets. But, I can say - adding the full-bodied, spicy but not hot Assault & Pepper blend to our favorite game meat can add a new level of enjoyment to a timeless classic.

A close friend and Team Tacticalories Outdoorsman, K. Slye has put together a simple method to get the most out of your latest harvest - check out our Assault & Pepper Smoked Venison Burgers!





Crack a can of cheap, tin-can lager. Prep your smoker or grill for burgers. Mix 1 tablespoon of Assault & Pepper into your ground venison. Make 4-5 burgers out of the mix.

Kory choose to smoke his burgers for 2 hours for prep. Grilling or pan-frying are also great options. Be sure to coat burgers in another dusting of seasoning prior to cooking. Kory also included roasted potatoes with his meal, but ate the entire batch before having a chance to snap any shots. 

The meat and potatoes is where it's at. Enjoy!

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